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Monday, April 30, 2012

Life. I got blood clots but I ain't even Jamaican man..

For awhile, I find myself dealing with the age old question "WHY ME?" My health has taken a toll on me this semester leaving me very disappointed because I didn't have a good run academically, now thinking about it yes it was my health that was the cause. As I was admitted in the hospital on last Wednesday, I was in awe because many times I've been to the hospital I have never been a patient.

So the doctor diagnosed me having D.V.T. deep vein thrombosis and P.E. pulmonary embolism. The unnerving thing is I have been walking around this earth with P.E. for about two months now before going to the E.R. for D.V.T. Both conditions are painful and I wish it upon my enemies, first time I ever went to the hospital for some pain. Not a total shocker but I could have died..like twice. I'm young (to young for blood clots) in my thirties and athletic but from my Internet researching D.V.T. and P.E. is a happening thing for athletes who are young and healthy, like I was. Come to find out that more athletes are acceptable to D.V.T. and P.E. than people who are sedentary or more less couch potatoes. Not that this condition discriminates but this can happen to anyone and everyone.

Understanding my condition and preparing for the long treatments and regularly testing of my blood for clots, its going to be a tick for tack journey with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in my life. I will be researching and asking questions trying to make sense of all this. I consider myself.... well, I don't know how to explain it when you could have died twice...its nothing to make light of. I figure everything important to me I'm going to find time for because I'm not going to waste time inviting people to my funeral. I'm not going to make my condition a handicap in my life.I'm determine not to sit or stand still....getting back to the mats is one of the first goals I want to accomplish when I'm discharged from the hospital.

Here is a link for awareness of D.V.T. and P.E. I found very informative and easy to read, I advise all to check it out! http://www.stoptheclot.org/index.htm

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