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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Post Spring Break

So I felt I like I was hit with a mind eraser going back to classes today.
Where did my spring break go? I wasted it away, adrift in the comfort of my own home resting out an unsure health issue which still needs to be resolved. I wasted my spring break by letting precious Jiu-jitsu mat time pass and by letting waves of opportunity go to waste by not renewing my kook skills on the mushy Florida surf. Well, I will get that back on weekends because its always great weather here in Florida.

Not only did returning back to classes hit me hard, I received my hospital bill in the mail yesterday, didn't look at it until I got to school today. Talk about whammy and a double one at that. So it is hard economic times in this great nation of ours... good thing Pay Pal has a donate button I have ready to embed on my blog and I'm polishing up on the ol' resume hoping to score some type of income in this job strapped ridden land.

Has anyone been on following the Travon Martin incident? Sad that the public will probably see this on 48hrs Mystery but my thoughts are...the police always take someone away to jail during a domestic dispute. Surprised those incidents are not
"Stand Your Ground" literally speaking...

Friday, March 16, 2012

The E.R. doesn't mean you will be seen today...

I went to the E.R. on March 14th around 1:35 p.m. I wasn't seen until 2:20 a.m, March 15th. Of course, I'm going to think whatever that is going on with me is an emergency but I guarantee that someone died yesterday in that E.R.

The diagnosis, bronchitis maybe...but the doc mentioned "blood clots in my lung" be the coupon code to get seen sooner if things don't get better. I think that I always say I never had this much pain in my entire life but I believe that it goes to the next "new" pain that comes from an injury or an illness that I may have at the present time. So I will say now that I have never been in so much pain short of a level before passing out. I keep that under control with over-the-counter pain meds.

So far the day has been a relaxed one I got my prescription meds, I walked off my path of healthy eating with convenient fast foods and I had a total of 3 chocolate frozen shakes within the past 12 hours. I have a feeling that I may not be able to compete in the upcoming tournament due to financing my health care cost. Also, losing the pounds to get into a lower weight class is out of the question right now. I believe I'm soon to put a Paypal donate button so I can finance future tournaments with a limited college budget, definitely could get a job but I want my job to be what I love to do and that is BJJ.

All that being said I don't know if and when I will get to put up my Songstory for my fellow B.A.G. members. I apologize for that due to my unfortunate health circumstances. When things start to get "normal" I will be definitely back to posting regularly.

Monday, March 12, 2012

This Is To My Health...

I was confused if I was coming down with something but its been cleared up I'm not sick in anyway shape or form. Now its spring time my allergries are activated along with the mysterious shortness of breath that makes it difficult for me to breathe. The hospital ruled out any life threating inflictions so they sent me home. I did mention to the Doc about how I train in Jiu-jitsu which it could be a possibility of my condition because of impacting the muscles surrounding the diaphragm. In short, what I'm feeling is that its very hard to breathe because its so painful. The pain is so intense I feel like i'm David Banner turning into the storm. However, the pain creeps up more in the evening time than any other time during the day...for some odd reason. I just finished an episode of some intense contractions of "IT HURTS" but I guess that is what I get for slacking on the pain meds that allow me some breathing room lol...I like that breathing room.... but it still hurts as I type.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Haven't really been feeling my greatest all this week, you know when you have those days or weeks. Nothing to serious until yesterday evening found it hard and painful to breathe with mucus dripping in the back of the throat annoyingly choking me silently. So I'm going to head to the V.A., the doctors, the E.R. some where tomorrow so that I can get checked out. Fourteen days till the tournament and I'm thinking I may have a case of bronchitis. It sucks right now...I feel like I just got kicked in the nuts.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sizing It Up

This is the second time I'm referring to this photo...

I'm only 155-160 lbs guy trying to make weight at 145 for my next contest coming up in about 19 days. Tonight at the gym I was taking on guys 30+ lbs tonight and that can be more than exhausting. Its great training, makes guys in my weight class feel like feathers after awhile but I don't see myself going into an "absolute" match just yet. An "absolute" match in the bjj world are matches that are held pairing opponents within the belt ranks and without any weight class . In "absolute" matches, the larger guys can dominate but its not always the case.

I'm just glad I never had to roll with any person with the likes of the guy in the photo. I can tell you when going against larger opponents controlling your breathing is key it's almost like swimming,in the water, if you panic you will drown. On the mats, you will exhaust your means of any chance of surviving if you panic.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grocery Store Blues

I always make a grocery list before I go out and buy my groceries, but the list is useless. My grocery trips are usually a few hours per visit. I can't get the knack of in-and-out of the grocery store when I'm shopping around by myself. I cover the grocery about 4-5 times over before I leave. The biggest dredge is that I have to shop for the month since I receive G.I. benefits (monthly) but I always scoff at how much I spend each month just to feed myself. Which is just about $25 a week give or take. I wish my college money was longer but in my defense I'm smart enough to know Ramen noodles aren't a nutritiously packed meal.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Off Topic

I'm about to watch the Rousey vs. Tate fight.It is theee biggest fight in Women's MMA history since the Cyborg vs. Carano match up. I think this fight is even bigger than that one with all the trash talking and controversy. Can't wait to discuss this one tomorrow...What is my prediction for the fight? I don't have any predictions.Whoever wins it I know it will be a big win for either fighter.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Somedays it takes a roll to figure it out..

http://youtu.be/qZxxoNZJoKU <---this is a link to a video from youtube I wanted to share take some time to check it out...

I was dragging ass today when I went to the gym...my focus was on the upcoming tournament and homework but I'm always thinking about homework. Thinking about what homework I have to work on this weekend really puts a damper on my day but going to Jits is supposed to de-stress me. I guess there comes a time when you have those moments.

Today, higher belts wanted to share some knowledge with me but all I could think of was just trying to work on some strategy for the tourney. I kinda felt like a jerk not wanting to drill a particular move they were working on but I didn't even make that clear to them. My mind was game but not really to train...still on homework but I wanted to get my feet wet and roll. So I rolled and I rolled horrible...I guess working on homework before going to Jits is a way to debug all that data stored in that hard drive of mine and then I may be able to process gym time more clearly.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Post All Nighter

So after the pulling an all nighter yesterday and this morning, my performance in class so far today is not going so well. I hit 2 out of 15 preguntas in clase de Espanol. Project management, I can't wait to look forward to you because in a hour I will feel like I'm an episode of the Apprentice...true story. Then after that class is over, its only a waiting game to feel like I'm insignificantly unworthy to code when I enter my Java development class. I should've watched more episodes of 24 to pick up some cool hacker terminology from Chloe...at a minium I would be able to have a decent converstation with my classmates. Then lets not talk about my HTML5 and CSS3 hardly anything to talk about...